Tradition of Trust: The Saga of State Bank of Travancore

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An Overview

“Tradition of Trust: The Saga of State Bank of Travancore” traces the evolution of the bank from a small State-backed entity called the Travancore Bank Limited (TBL) to its transformed identity as the SBT. The book elaborates the banking environment in Travancore when the TBL took birth in 1945. There were any number of small private banks too, but they had little individual base to support any meaningful economic activity in the region. The book, further throws light on the collapse of several banks in the late 1930’s in Travancore, undermining public confidence in the banking system. It was also the time when the Princely State was waking up to industrialisation. These changes paved the way for the emergence of a strong bank commanding not only credibility among the public, but also the financial capacity to participate in the economic development of the land. Maharaja ChithiraThirunal, the ruler of Travancore, had the vision to set it up as a fully State-backed bank dedicated to the prosperity of the land and its people. The Tradition of Trust fostered by this bank from the very beginning stood the test of time.
Time witnessed the phenomenal expansion of a small bank into the present SBT. The book brings into the hands of the readers the outline of the track the SBT had taken in its growth to the status of the premier bank of Kerala, with branches spread over entire India, besides numerous key centres outside the country. It places the history of the SBT in the context of the banking history of Travancore, Kerala and India. The SBT’s success, as its journey this far shows, has been in staying in tune with the changing times, performing also its role as the State’s most potent tool for executing both its banking programmes and welfare initiatives.
The book was authored by 3 Senior Retired Officers of the Bank - Sri JPN Thampi, Sri KT Rajagopalan and Sri T Balakrishnan. The price of the book is Rs.500/-. As a pre publication offer, the book will be distributed to the pubic who are desirous of having a copy at a cost of Rs.350/- per copy. We request those who like to have a copy of the history book may register their indent in the website before 30.09.2016.